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Piedmont Springs is very proud of the high-quality expertise of its massage staff, many of whom have over ten years experience. Whether you are a nervous first-timer or a demanding veteran, someone here has just the right touch for you.


Piedmont Springs offers a full range of massage styles to satisfy your personal needs and preferences. Please mention any personal preference to the reservations staff when you schedule a massage.

Piedmont Springs is pleased to offer the following massage services:

Relaxation Massage
Our standard massage offering.  Using Swedish massage techniques and light to medium pressure, this massage will ensure complete relaxation.

60 minutes - $95

Deep Tissue Massage
Strong pressure massage that moves slowly, addressing the deep underlying layer of muscle

60 minutes - $115

Sports Massage
Designed to reduce injuries and alleviate inflammation.  Good for athletes in training and your weekend warriors

60 minutes - $115

Maternal Massage
Pamper yourself as you prepare for your little one's arrival.  Our maternal massage specializes in keeping Mom and baby relaxed using a sidy lying technique and comfortable levels of pressure

60 minutes - $125

Senior discount of 10% offered on above massage.


Must be at least 15 years of age. Parents of minors must remain on premises during massage.

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