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What services do you offer?


Four private outdoor hot tubs, one private combination room (outdoor tub and sauna), one private Finnish sauna, one private steam room, therapeutic massage and skin care services.


We offer complimentary tea and sell bottled water and juice.  You are welcome to bring your own water bottle and  fill it at our cold water drinking fountain conveniently located on your path to our services.



How many people can you accommodate?


Maximum of four persons per tub, sauna and steam as per county regulations.

We have 3-5 massage therapists at a time depending on the day of week one schedules. 

We have one skin care room/one licensed Esthetician.



What do we need to bring?


We supply the towels (free of charge) for the wet rooms. All over soap is provided in our showers. 

If you like your own personal shampoo or conditioner, please feel free to bring your own.

Baskets are provided  for one’s personal belongings and robes when traveling to multiple services.



Can I schedule online?


Yes!  All services can now be booked individually online.  If you are looking to book multiple services such as a hot tub followed by a massage we do still recommend calling our reservation line for the best availability.





Do you sell products?


We offer many wonderful skin care products for sale through our licensed Esthetician.

We believe they are the experts at advising the best for your individual skin.



Do you sell gift cards or gift certificates?


Yes, we sell attractive card stock gift certificates.  We personally tailor them to the service or 

dollar amount you want to give.  We are old school. No plastic here.


Can I order a gift card online or over the phone?


Yes, over the phone and we will mail it directly to you or to the recipient or leave it here at

Piedmont Springs for later use,  your choice.



Do you offer packages?


All our services are ala carte, however we are happy to arrange multiple services of your choosing.





What temperature are your hot tubs and can I turn the temperature up or down?


Our hot tubs are thermostatically set and fluctuate between 102-104 degrees.  A cool water hose is provided in each tub room to slightly cool the tub, however they are HOT tubs so getting out to cool down is our best advice.  The tubs can not be heated higher than 104 degrees.  The heaters are maximized at this temperature from the manufacture for safety regulations. The temperature of the tub may feel warmer or cooler than previous visits due to the outside air temperature and one’s own  toleration.



If your tubs are outside, what happens when it rains?


The tubs are heated between 102-104 degrees so it is a favorite time to tub for many of our customers.

The tubs are open to the sky, however the shower and dressing area are covered and there are hooks located on the wall to hang your clothes so they should remain relatively dry.



How do you keep your tubs clean?


Our tubs and entire facility are thoroughly cleaned each morning. Our hot tubs are basically mini hot swimming pools and are on a constant filtration system.  They are designed to overflow some when one enters the tub. When one exit’s the tub fresh water automatically refills.  Diatomaceous earth ( a natural ocean ingredient) is used in the coating process of our filters for purification of the water.  It is commonly used in drinking water treatment process and other liquids such as beer and wine.  Additionally, we use

ozone and chlorine (required by the county health department).



Do you ever experience problems with outdoor creatures?


One is in a rustic outdoor environment.  The common ant may come to visit and birds in the trees, however most other outdoor creatures are a rare visitor.





Are there health risks associated with high heat?


There is always a risk when one doesn’t exercise caution.  If you are pregnant or have any health problems, please consult with your doctor before taking a hot tub, steam or sauna.  Should you feel dizzy or light headed, please step out and cool down.  It is also advisable to bring a bottle of water to re hydrate.  You can fill it at our cold water fountain before you enter the hot rooms.  We also sell bottled water for your convenience.



Should I eat before a hot tub or massage?


We advise one to only eat a light meal before a hot tub or massage.  One may feel sick on a full stomach with either service.



Do you allow us to bring alcoholic beverages for celebrating?


No alcohol  is allowed in our establishment.  We are a health environment.  Alcohol is also dangerous when partnered with high heat. It can exacerbate the effect or cause someone to get very sick.  Alcohol and a wet slippery environment don’t mix either.  Massage releases toxins throughout the body and alcohol adds a negative effect.  In addition, no therapeutic massage therapist wants to work in a private room on someone that has been consuming alcohol or drugs of any kind.






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